In Praise of Aging - Book

An interview about "Aging" with a German Magazine, led Gerda Lerner, the pioneer of women's history, to write an article on the subject. This in turn inspired her to collaborate with her friend Sandy Wojtal-Weber, a professional photographer, on a poetic and visual creation that is this book. At the time Gerda was considering moving into a retirement community and Sandy was creating a new career for herself as a freelance art photographer. Writing and life interacted, as did metaphor and image, to make this book broadly appealing to readers of all ages.

Thoughts from readers:

"Yesterday this wonderful book arrived. What lovely poetry and what superb photography. It's a book which you can read over and over." WN - Los Angeles

"In Praise of Aging is an eloquent book of poignant verse interwoven with striking photos. The harmony of the words and photos are so moving I linger on each page. The book is a tribute to the aging process. In it's simplicity, it is a masterful book to be pondered, enjoyed and treasured by all." J.Bainbridge - Madison, WI

In Praise of Aging - Book
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